Engaged with the original repertoire for two pianos, Tempora Piano Duo works to promote pieces of different styles by organising concerts and recordings with special attention to contemporary music.

In a relentless pursuit of exploring distinctive new features of the sounds of the piano, contacting the composers directly has proved to be essential in order to give life to current productions.

In March 2017, we performed for the first time and recorded Zergates, a piece which the composer Antonio Florián López completed for us during a recital at the Miguel Delibes concert hall in Valladolid, Spain. It was part of the ‘II Music Season of the 20th and 21st century’.

In this repertoire, Zergates was accompanied by other representative pieces of our time composed for two pianos, such as the extraordinary Tempora by Vytautas Barkauskas jr.

After listening to our performance of his piece, this magnificent Lithuanian composer transferred to us all of the serie which is entitled with the same name so that we could include it in our repertoire.

We chose Tempora as our name to express our gratitude towards him and also because of the magical moments the piece has brought us.

One year later, in March 2018, we performed and recorded the piece Moments Musicaux in Cartagena, Spain, which the composer Mateo Soto dedicated to us.


Aware of the complexity of producing chamber music and of the factors that make music so diversified in present times, we attempt to make creativity a cornerstone when engaging in new projects if it’s not possible to perform new pieces. And of course, we always do so from a serious, respectful and documented approach.

Both of the Tempora Piano Duo members count with wide experience as teachers at the Music conservatoire in the Spanish towns of Murcia and Lorca since 2006. We combine teaching and our concert activity, filling our lives with love and respect for Music and all kinds of Art.

We currently work in the project Dos artes, Dos pianos (Two arts, Two pianos), in which we intertwine Music and Painting with aesthetic concepts shared with other Arts which revolves around Shostakovich’s original pieces for two pianos.